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Misori Saeujeot 400g

Category: Seafood


  • Description

Saeujeot (Korean pronunciation: [sʰɛ.udʑʌt]) is a variety of jeotgal, salted and fermented food made with small shrimp in Korean cuisine. It is the most consumed jeotgal along with myeolchijeot (멸치젓, salted anchovy jeot) in South Korea. The name consists of the two Korean words, saeu (새우 shrimp) and jeot. Saeujeot is widely used throughout Korean cuisine but is mostly used as an ingredient in kimchi and dipping pastes. The shrimp used for making saeujeot are called jeotsaeu(젓새우) and are smaller and have thinner shells than ordinary shrimp.

Product of Korea

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