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Golden Phoenix Jasmine Rice 1kg

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Known for its distinctive scent, jasmine rice is the preferred choice when it comes to Thai cooking. Also popular in Chiense and Malaysian cuisine, its purity, quality and delicate floral aroma make it the perfect accompaniment for any dish.

How to Cook Jasmine Rice in a Rice Cooker

Put the washed rice and water in the rice cooker in a 1:1 water-to-rice ratio and cook on the white rice setting. When it’s done, let the rice sit in the rice cooker for 10-20 minutes, then gently fluff with a spoon.

How to Cook Jasmine Rice on the Stovetop

Add washed rice and water to a large pot in a 1:1.5 water-to-rice ratio. Alternatively, add the rice first, then add enough cold water to cover the rice by ½ inch (place the tip of your index finger on the rice; the water should come up to the first joint). Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce heat to low and simmer; cover and cook 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit, covered, for 10 minutes, then gently fluff with a spoon. You can check on your rice by gently stirring the bottom of the pot—if there’s still water left, it needs more time. If it’s dry, the rice is ready.

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