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Action One Instant Curry Paste for Seafood 230g

Category: Curry



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Chilles, Spices, Onion, Garlic, Lemon Grass, Vegetable Oil, Sugar and Salt

Sufficient for 4-6 persons
Prepare 1kg of fish or seafood
Tomatoes (sliced), onion (sliced), laksa flower (minced), tamarind juice or Coconut milk 120ml and water 200ml

Pour A1 Instant Curry Mix into wok, add in sliced tomatoes and onion. Stir fry using medium heat for one minute. pour in water, bring to boil and add in fish or seafood. when the curry is about cooked, pour in some tamarind juice or coconut milk. Sprinkle some laksa flower and serve.



Product of Malaysia


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