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Tean's Gourmet Curry Laksa Paste 200g

Category: Laksa



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Curry Laksa Paste

Mix 1 packet of TEAN'S GOURMET Curry Laksa Paste (200g) in 1500ml boiling water.
Add in 150ml thick coconut milk (from 1 coconut) and 100g fried bean curd. Bring to a quick boil and switch to low heat.
Cook 600g yellow noodles and 60gm bean sprouts in boiling water, and divide into 6 bowls (6 portions). Add in slices of cooked meat and fish balls, ¼ hard-boiled egg and some mint leaves.
Add in the hot curry laksa soup into each bowls. Serve hot.
将1包田师傅咖喱叻沙即煮酱料 (200g) 放入1500毫升沸水搅均匀。
加入150毫升浓椰浆(1粒椰) 及100克炸豆卜。煮滚后用小火慢煮。


Product of Malaysia

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